Prince Graphics buys Canon’s new ImagePress V1350

Canon India has announced the launch of the all-new ImagePress V1350. Mumbai-based Prince Graphics became the first customer to unveil and install the ImagePress V1350 in India.

29 Nov 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Manabu Yamazaki, president and CEO, Canon India and Rajesh Mandora, owner, Prince Graphics

The ImagePress V1350 is the latest addition to Canon’s existing fleet of new-generation ImagePress V Series printers which includes ImagePress V1000/V900/V800/V700. Designed to propel businesses to new heights and set a new standard in printing excellence, the ImagePress V1350 enables jobbers, offset printers and in-house print service providers (PSPs) to overcome production challenges and meet customer demands for high-quality and time-sensitive print content.

Manabu Yamazaki, president and CEO, Canon India, said, “Earlier this year, we set a new benchmark with the introduction of the new generation of ImagePress V series, for which we have received positive responses. Today, we proudly expand the line-up with the launch of imagePRESS V1350, a product which is set to transform the way businesses approach their printing needs. Demonstrating superior performance with an extraordinary emphasis on Speed, Durability, and Precision, this printer is set to empower users by helping them to evolve as per industry standards and surge ahead, revolutionizing the printing experience in the process.”

Rajesh Mandora, owner, Prince Graphics, said, “We have been using Canon ImagePress products for many years and recently chose the Canon ImagePress V1350 for its impressive print speed of 135-ppm, a 35% increase compared to any production printers we've used in the past. Along with an impressive Fiery Server and fast processing capabilities, the machine also provides excellent flexibility for a variety of media types like stickers, boards, textures, synthetic papers, etc. With enhanced productivity and efficiency every day, we will be able to expand our customer base significantly, thereby scaling business growth. With all these features and the commendable service support provided by Canon, I am confident about the ROI that imagePRESS V1350 will offer, becoming a go-to product for Prince Graphics.”

The imagePRESS V1350 showcases the printing speed of 135-pages per minute and standard EFI Hyper RIP (32GB and an Intel Xeon processor). Additionally, its support for media up to 500-gsm. Equipped with a vacuum-feeding mechanism, flatter paper transport path, advanced Print on Demand-Surface Rapid Fusing (POD-SURF) unit and integrated cooling system, the ImagePress V1350 supports uninterrupted high-speed printing and allows PSPs to fulfill demanding print jobs with a short turnaround time for maximum productivity.

The V1350 boasts an impressive duty cycle, which can handle up to 2.4-million A4 prints. This level of durability ensures that the printer is ready to meet the demands of even the most heavy-duty printing environments.

Featuring a best-in-class registration mechanism and a real-time MULTI-DAT colour correction system that automatically maintains colour stability during continuous runs, the V1350 offers unmatched precision in every printing task.