PRH India launches exclusive social media page for young readers

Penguin Random House India has launched an exclusive social media page on Facebook and Instagram called Penguinsters, especially for our young readers, teenagers, their parents, teachers and everyone else who loves books. This platform will give our readers an opportunity to explore some of the greatest books and writers, access to resources that will shape their minds and host exciting and fun content about books published by the three imprints of the children’s division: Puffin, Penguin and Duckbill Books.

24 Jun 2020 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

The new handle, Penguinsters, stands for Penguin books for youngsters

The new handle, Penguinsters, stands for ‘Penguin books for youngsters’ and will become a dedicated space on Facebook and Instagram for younger readers to engage with their favourite writers and books and learn about new titles launched. From parents and teenagers to youngsters, everyone will find helpful information, updates, read-aloud sessions, storytelling videos, author interviews, thought-provoking articles, share-worthy listicles, many interactive posts and much more on these pages.

Last year, Duckbill Books became a part of Penguin Random House India, expanding its publishing portfolio and the audience base. To accommodate this growing readership, the publishing house adopted Duckbill Books’ social media pages on Facebook and Instagram and is re-launching them as Penguinsters. This new handle is an addition to Penguin’s existing social media presence. While the Penguin India handle on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will focus on adult readers, Penguinsters will now cater to younger readers.

Niti Kumar, SVP, marketing, digital and communications, Penguin Random House India, said, “Penguin has a strong presence on social media and we aim to replicate our success with the Penguin India handle with Penguinsters too. It will have a creative assortment of inspiring, educating and entertaining content for our budding bibliophiles and we hope to see parents and educators who are keen to be a part of their children’s reading experiences, avid readers who follow YA, and people who would like to relive their youthful reading escapades join this exciting new platform.”