Preview of 10 exhibits at the show

More than 170 companies from the indoor and outdoor advertising and signage industry are expected to take part at Media Expo Mumbai from 20-22 February 2020 at Bombay Exhibition Centre. PrintWeek brings you a sneak preview of 10 exhibitors and products from the show.

19 Feb 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

Dimense printer by Apsom Infotec
Apsom Infotec will be showcasing its Dimense printer at the expo. The machine is said to allow continuous printing and embossing simultaneously. It uses latex eco-friendly inks and PVC-free structure-forming eco-deco media that render a highly durable output, which does not fade in direct light. This printer can print at up to 30-sqm/hr speed with a print width of 1.6m.

UV-coated glossy sun board by Raj Incorporated
Raj Incorporated claims that the new UV-coated glossy sun board, which will be on display at the show, is an ideal replacement for acrylic sun boards and is 60% cheaper as compared. The product can be used for letter cutting, making front lit boards, and designer grills.

Ultra clear films by Lintec India
The Lintec ultra clear films are inkjet printable media with scratch-resistant coating and properties that can block harmful UV rays. Lintec claims that the product is made from eco-friendly polyester film and is available in both permanent and removable adhesive.

Mimaki and Handtop UV printers by Silicon Infotech
Silicon Infotech will be showcasing its Mimaki and Handtop UV printers at the show. The company claims that the printers execute high-speed UV spot printing along with cutting, branding and embossing functions that are effective in label, signage and wallpaper industries. It is also said to be efficient for proofing and corporate gifting.

Eurolite PVC-free vinyl by Aditya Digital Technologies
Aditya Digital Technologies will be highlighting its Eurolite PVC-free vinyl at the show. The vinyl with grey adhesive back is said to be and eco-friendly alternative for PVC vinyl. The application areas include retail showroom branding, exhibition posters, in-shop displays, POPs, as well as other indoor-branding and wall-graphic applications.

UV LED digital inks by Afford Digital Inks
According to Afford Digital Inks, the eco-friendly and energy efficient UV LED digital inks for various heads are infused with LED curable innovation and render vivid colour and brightness.

Digital Flatbed UV printing machine by Axis Enterprises
Axis Enterprises will be showcasing its XIS Magnus 4V Digital Flatbed UV printing machine at the show. According to the company, the machine renders high-resolution printing on any flat surface.

Platinum PCT eco-friendly printer by True Colours Solutions and Technologies India
True Colours Solutions and Technologies India will be highlighting its Platinum PCT eco-friendly printer at the exhibition. The company claims that the machine is best suited for corporate applications. According to True Colours, printer’s heavy duty structure and design renders 24x7 operation with high-stability.

Slim LED acrylic signs by Dinesh Plastics
The made-in-India slim LED acrylic signs measure just 6mm in depth. According to Dinesh Plastics, it is currently available in A4, A3 and A2 sizes.

PVC-free digital wall media film by Digiwrap
Digiwrap will be showcasing its eco-friendly and PVC-free digital wall media film at the exhibition. According to the company, the films are applicable with water and pressure that can take shape of outdoor walls or other surfaces. The film is water- and UV-resistant, and is a fine replacement for outdoor manual wall painting done for advertising.