Pratham secures six paper folding kit orders

Pratham Technologies’ Pamex stand was teeming with visitors from across the country on all four days of the show as it demonstrated its folding machine prowess.

21 Dec 2017 | By Rushikesh Aravkar

As the curtains fell on the evening of Day Four, a happy Datta Deshpande, chairman, Pratham, announced that the company booked orders for six paper folding kit of varying configurations during the past four days.

“The response at Pamex has surpassed our expectations. We have sold six folding lines at the event and made Rs 76 lakhs in sales,” said Deshpande.

Bengaluru-based ID Prints has confirmed an order for a sophisticated folding line that consists of six parallel fold, six cross fold, a vision system, stacker, and a batch making unit.

Similarly, Ziska Pharma from Bangladesh has booked a six parallel fold machine equipped with a stacker and a batch making unit. Besides this, Pratham has sold an XP412 folding kit to Nepal-based Maruti Pharma.

Amit Vasudeva, director of the New Delhi-based Kay Art Printers, visited Pamex on Tuesday to sign for a PGV PF 818 machine equipped with a vision system and a height adjustable stacker and batching unit, which he admitted was an obvious choice when it came to insert folding systems.

Besides this, Indore’s Akruti Offset and Navi Mumbai’s Rukson Packaging secured folding machines from Pratham at Pamex.

“As leaflets become bigger and complex, converters are opting for a sophisticated kit. Brand Pratham has been synonymous with leaflet folding machines and these order bookings are the testimony to the trust that converters bestow upon us,” added Deshpande.