Pragati's calendar stuns with tree theme

The PrintWeek India team received yet another magnificent calendar from Pragati. The Hyderabad headquartered award winning company has never failed to enthrall us with their calendars. The unique design plus usage of innovative printing techniques are the reasons why this calendar is a razzle dazzle piece of work.

24 Dec 2019 | By PrintWeek Team

This year, the calendar's theme focuses on the trees of India. From being worshipped to being used for medicinal properties, trees are an integral part of our culture. The calendar celebrates these trees, right from the banyan tree to the bael tree.

Page one focuses on the banyan tree. The properties of this tree are elaborated on an Insize Modigliani paper in CMYK, using a black raised UV varnish and gold screenprint highlight. The next page showcases the coconut tree. The substrate used is an uncoated textured card in CMYK and special green. A clear and black raised UV varnish along with a sandpaper varnish is applied as the finishing for this page.

Printed on an ITC Safire Graphik Dup with a silver transfer metallization (no plastic) in white, CMYK and Orange the third page depicts a mango tree. It is glossy and uses a matt UV varnish. The intricate details have been rendered through a process of micro-embossing. The fourth page revolves around the banana tree. It is printed on a Montblanc card with silver foil stamping and overprinted in CMYK and special green. It is embellished with raised UV varnish.

The fifth page highlights the bamboo plant by using an art card with online gloss. The matt and texture varnishes make this page even more striking. The details are micro-embossed. The final page is dedicated to the bael tree. It is printed on an art card in CMYK and is embellished with iridescent violet gravure, and glitter gold along with the usage of a clear raised UV varnish.

"The much-needed industry message was precise, and the pictorial made me compare the brown connecting lines as our country and the trees that arose from it as the various people this land gives birth too — the intermingling of the trees signifies how we must shelter each other — simply brilliant" said Faheem Agboatwala of Hi-Tech Printing Services when asked to share his feedback about the calendar.

Not only does the calendar doff its hat to an array of printing processes and finishing, but also allays the misconception about paper being hazardous for the environment. It highlights the fact that it is one of the most sustainable products, and its usage is essential for the growth and betterment of our environment. To underscore the point, parts of the calendar are produced from recycled paper, therefore re-emphasizing the need for recycling.

Our verdict: Pragati has successfully managed to tick all the boxes. We like!