Pragati's calendar: A tribute to the human spirit

Pragati Offset's annual calendar 2021-22 version pays "a tribute to the human spirit and valour of man" with six themes: Rethink. Rewind. Refresh, Rebuild. Rebirth. Rejoice.

21 May 2021 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

A message from the Pragati team says, "These are not the best of times. Maybenearly the worst of times. The human race has seen much worse only a few times in the past."

The Pragati print calendar has drawn praise due to its technical prowess.This year's calendar (size 18 x 24 inches) continues in the same vein. There are multiple grades of coated paperboard and uncoated papers. Also clever use of fluorescent inks and silver transfer metalisations plus four types of embossing.

PrintWeek's favourite is the Rebirth theme (refer to picture). The phoenix has been printed with an extended gamut (CMYK, Orange, Green, Violet) on 270 gsm Rendezvous White. What makes this page a work of art is "the raised UV varnish on the details throughout the sheet."

The CEO of Pragati Offset, P Narendra told PrintWeek that today there is so much doom and gloom, and he wanted to celebrate the "real power of print". As the calendar says, "We may have lost friends and family - and the pain is unimaginable - but we have not given up. We will not give up."

The Pragati calendar has always been a very premier and aspirational print property and is probably the most desired calendar that is produced in India. At a time when the Department of Finance has issued guidelines to ban printing of diaries, greeting cards, coffee table books, and calendars in physical form, the Pragati calendar breathes life back into one of humankind's most useful creations. 

As the 21/22 calendar says, "That we can restart the clock and redefine our journey. And when all this is behind us, perhaps we can rejoice when we see each other again."

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