PPI Media announces management buyout

The managing directors of PPI Media, the solution provider for content creation, product automation, business innovation, Hauke Berndt and Manuel Scheyda, together with the strategic investor Alexander Eck, took over the company as part of a management buyout on 1 January 2019.

25 Jan 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Hauke Berndt and Manuel Scheyda, the managing directors of PPI Media

With the management buyout, PPI Media is separating from the Eversfrank Group, which acquired the company from manroland AG in 2012, and will in future focus on its own core business.

The software company with over 100 employees at its locations in Kiel, Hamburg and Chicago sells integrated software solutions. The solutions ranging from cross-media editorial systems to entire publishing workflows are distributed in more than 20 countries.

The buyout enables PPI Media to focus its digital solutions on the challenges of the media industry. “We will invest even more specifically in products and markets that will strengthen and expand PPI Media’s position in the publishing industry in the long term,” said Hauke Berndt.

“The decision to take the helm at PPI Media was an easy one. We are optimally positioned in a media environment characterised by innovation and change,” Manuel Scheyda added.

In addition to the two managing directors, who together hold most of the shares, the strategic investor and IT entrepreneur Alexander Eck will become a shareholder of PPI Media and will advise the management on strategic issues. “The team’s high level of competence, the excellent customer base and the cultural change a MBO can bring about opens up excellent opportunities for the future,” said Eck.