Post-Press Company of the Year: Brilliant Printers

After winning the SME Printing Company of the Year trophy in 2016, Brilliant Printers this year has upped its ante to bag the Post-Press Company of the Year. An eye for quality, a will to grow and the passion to aim big are the hallmarks of Brilliant Printers, which has once again enabled this Bengaluru-based company to work wonders.

02 Nov 2017 | By PrintWeek India

The company’s 1,53,000 sq/ft facility at Mallarabanavadi, Nelamangala in Bengaluru deploys modern, sensible technology that delivers consistency in quality and delivery, and exports to more than 70 countries. Plus, Brilliant prints Bibles in more than 50 languages. Brilliant is a fully in-house printing company with the capacity to produce 2,00,000 books a day.
Most importantly, the urge to reinvent from time to time by restructuring, adopting new workflow, reviewing and implementing best practices and more importantly, making the organisation lean has paid off brilliantly for Brilliant, as the company’s gross sales increased by 24.81%, whereas profit before tax increased by 27.37% as compared to the last fiscal year. The expenditure on staff has increased by 25.68% and has shown a solid increase in net worth by 13.41%.
The transformation of Brilliant has been stunning. It is amazing to see the meticulous attention that has gone towards designing the floor layout and the work done to make ‘the operations’ a reality. Anil Rego of Brilliant Printers told PrintWeek India, “All the post-press processes are under one roof, with a daily production capacity of 1,00,000 perfect-bound books, 50,000 saddle-stitched books and 20,000 hardcover books. Fully automatic binding and finishing machines for case making, book block making, casing-in, gilding, gathering/binding/trimming, shrink-wrapping, box tapping and strapping, etc.”
The firm pays a lot of attention towards regular preventive maintenance and keeps their machines in a good condition. With six sewing machines, three multi-clamp perfect binding machines, two flow-line and one hard case line with one automated case-making machine, it is a complete and compact unit.
“Diligence, patience, an eye for quality, no cutting corners, risk-taking ability and focus on the goal will keep any firm in good stead,” Rego says. We agree.
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