P-Mec 2019: ACG highlights NXT series machines

ACG Group showcased a portfolio of its next-generation production, packaging and inspection machinery, at P-Mec 2019, slated from 26-28 November 2019 at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida.

27 Nov 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

NXT series machine

ACG NXT series machines highlighted at the event include Protab 300 NXT, Protab 700 NXT, BMax NXT, KartonX NXT, and Verishield CS18 NXT.

According to ACG, its NXT series machines provide a smart USER experience. The company decodes its USER acronym as UltraHMI, StealthDesign, ExploreAR (augmented reality) and RevealiOT.

“USER combines our elevated elements, bring sweeping changes to a significant portfolio of ACG machinery including tablet presses, blister and cartoning packing equipment and serialisation units for Track and Trace applications. The result is a sizable step forward in all facets of the production experience,” said a company press note shared with PrintWeek.

UltraHMI aims to align the continued push for increasingly automated manufacturing solutions, and StealthDesign tries to exemplify the company’s commitment to versatility, maneuverability, and the achievement of maximised output at a minimised footprint.

Peter Neve, CMO, ACG, says, "We are deploying augmented reality (AR) to empower production teams to speed up troubleshooting and maintenance." ExploreAR are ACG’s AR solutions that focus on the reduction of production downtime, identify and resolve maintenance issues, and provide an optimised manufacturing pace. While, RevealiOT is its Internet of things (IIoT) platform that enables intermachine connectivity and smart manufacturing processes via easy-to-read dashboards detailing heretofore difficult-to-measure KPIs.