Pioneer Arunachalam Packaging invests in Rhyguan

Chennai-based Pioneer Arunachalam Packaging, a household name in the south Indian label manufacturing industry, has recently invested in a Rhyguan Plus-420 converting and finishing machine. The machine was supplied and installed by Flexo Image Graphics (FIG).

14 Jul 2023 | By Charmiane Alexander

The Rhyguan at Pioneer Arunachalam Packaging

Arun Tenzing, director, Pioneer Arunachalam Packaging, “Our relationship with FIG dates back to 2009 when we first purchased a Mark Andy label press. Apart from its range of advanced and versatile machines, we are happy with the way its after-sales technical support team, led by M Suresh, helped us precisely know the technical know-hows as well as the productive operation of the machines.”

Dharmaraj N, general manager, Arunachalam Packaging, added, “As we have been in cordial partnership with FIG for years, we eventually went for the second machine from them — the Rhyguan Plus-420 converting and finishing machine. The Rhyguan machine is a cost-effective and user-friendly machine, and its advanced features eventually help us indulge in high-precision slitting to produce outstanding labels.”

The Rhyguan Plus-420 is designed for servo-driven semi-rotary die-cutting unit with its own independent re-registration and tension control to speed up job-changes. It is upgraded with standard slitting, cross perforation, and various other rewinding options or cut sheeting with a conveyor belt and batch separation. 

“We are really thrilled to run Rhyguan Plus-420, which is indeed a smart finishing system with advanced features like inspection (100% offline),” Dharmaraj said. “So far, we are quite satisfied with the core converting and finishing competency of the Rhyguan Plus-420, which has built up our confidence and competency to please our quality-conscious customers to their utmost level of satisfaction. 

He added, “In addition, we are equally thrilled to experience the high-precision Rhyguan smart slitting-rewinding along with Luster 7K 100% fault detection inspection system.” 

Pioneer Arunachalam Packaging boasts a vast client base comprising big brands, predominantly from the liquor and FMCG sectors, dotted in all major south Indian cities and towns across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Kerala.

Pioneer maintains its state-of-the-art facility with constant upgrades of the machine portfolio. In this respect, Dharmaraj said the company always opt for the best-in-class machines and unconditionally supportive suppliers. 

He said, “We are lucky to be partnered with FIG which provides cost-effective machines and co-operative after-sales service.” 

FIG supplies world-class machines through its network of branches based in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai with a centralised customer support department for after-sales service.

In addition to Rhyguan, FIG is an authorised distributor of globally recognised brands, such as Mark Andy, Rotoflex, Luster, Kluge, KDS Quantum, and Presstek.