Pidilite teams up with Germany’s Jowat in an adhesive technology collaboration

Indian adhesive major, Pidilite Industries plans to develop high-growth, specialised category of adhesive after forming a collaborative partnership with Jowat SE, a German family-owned enterprise and a leading supplier of industrial adhesives worldwide.

02 Apr 2018 | By Noel D'Cunha

According to Pidilite, it will help the company develop a comprehensive range of thermoplastic hot-melt adhesive to meet the demands of several industrial segments including packaging and labels, as well as modular and wooden furniture segments, where technological changes are taking place with machines being run at high speeds to produce quality products.
The collaboration will also hand Pidilite exclusive rights to handle sales and distribution of the entire range of the latter’s adhesives in India and neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.
Bharat Puri, managing director, Pidilite, said, “The collaboration is in line with Pidilite’s ambitions to continuously improve its already strong market position in all the segments where it is present, and especially in adhesives. Pidilite’s leading presence in several consumer product segments, with popular brands, is complemented by a large range of industrial products, developed and marketed to meet specific requirements in the country. The synergies between Jowat and Pidilite in terms of product range, customer segments served and technologies deployed are clear and visible. Both companies together are uniquely placed to capitalise on the healthy prospects for growth in the segments targeted.”
To begin with, the two companies will import adhesives range of Jowat by Pidilite for resale of these as part of Pidilite’s businesses in India and the other countries under its purview.
Klaus Kullmann, member of the board of directors at Jowat, said, “We see a strong platform for sustained growth through collaboration with Pidilite. Jowat has pioneered the development of several high-end adhesive products, and has constantly undertaken development work at the cutting edge of adhesive technology. The company’s core competency lies in innovation in both technology and R&D, and in delivering outstanding technical service to customers. There is an excellent value match between Pidilite and Jowat to meet the future needs of customers for quality products in all high-growth segments such as furniture, packaging, automotive, and textile, among others, where specialised adhesives are used.”
The collaboration is, long-term, and leverages the well-known strengths and capabilities of the two companies, said, Rajesh Balakrishnan, CEO for industrial products at Pidilite. “We have been associated with emerging technology, polyurethanes and water-based adhesive for lamination and high speed glueing application; and metallocene hot melts for high-performance requirements, are examples. With the new developments in hotmelt, Pidilite will be in a position to provide industrial consumers with best-in-class technology and products.”