PezaPackLite catering to over 30 countries

Within three months of its launch in 5 August 2019, PezaPackLite – a SaaS (software as a service) application – has managed to garner subscribers across 30 countries, according to its developer Pezasys.

28 Nov 2019 | By Aultrin Vijay

PezaPackLite is a cloud-based die-line and nested imposition generator

Nilesh Dandige of Pune-based Pezasys, said, “Please don’t consider this as a promotion, but PezaPackLite has performed exceedingly well since its launch.”

PezaPackLite is a cloud-based die-line and nested imposition generator. Here, key-line and imposition layouts are available in vector format and can be downloaded and processed in any vector-based software such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator.

According to the company, creating die-line and nested imposition require specific expertise in box making. Die-line and imposition layout are utmost important as they provide the main outline for package design in mono cartons. Designers can download the layout in vector format and place artworks directly on it.

Information sent and received through the PezaPackLite application is secured on cloud with 128-bit SSL encryption, which according to the company, is strictly confidential.

Speaking about the sustainable practices followed at Pezasys, Dandige said, “We have digitised the documents, which enable paperless workflow for easy access.”

He also believes that certifications and audits, especially fire safety audits and FSSAI compliance for companies catering to food packaging industry, are necessary for every press.

Dandige said that in order to compete in a tough market, printers should be a partner of your client rather than just a vendor. “Also go for value addition in products and services.”

Considering a price-sensitive market like India, Dandige said the application has a reasonably priced subscription model. User can choose and subscribe from various options with packages starting as low as Rs 299.

The company also caters to digital printing and commercial printing segments through its PezaDigi and PezaPrint web applications respectively.