Pelican Rotoflex gears up for Industry 4.0

Rajkot-based Pelican Rotoflex has completed the Industry 4.0 Readiness Index Assessment from German training, inspection, testing and certification organisation, Tud Sud.

29 Jul 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Bharat Shah, managing director of Pelican Rotoflex

The Readiness Index Assessment is a diagnostic tool that uses the three fundamental building blocks of Industry 4.0 — the process, technology and organisation, in order to evaluate readiness.

Vishal Nerurkar, vice-president, business assurance, Tuv Sud South Asia, said, “As a concept, Industry 4.0 can potentially revolutionise the way business is conducted and its related profitability. We truly believe that India's growth will be positively impacted through widespread adaptation of this concept. Considering technological advancements are rapidly altering the manufacturing landscape, deployment of advanced techniques is the need of the hour.” 

According to Bharat Shah, managing director of Pelican Rotoflex, this assessment will enable Pelican Rotoflex to migrate to Industry 4.0 in a targeted way to translate concepts into real business value. It will also be able to break down these concepts into digestible, key building blocks and provide a clear articulation of benefits.

Tuv Sud's assessments have enabled businesses to bolsters critical areas such as process design and workforce development. “We are confident that our framework will help businesses across sectors to transform processes and drive efficiencies to achieve economies of scale,” added Nerurkar.