Patwa & Sons secures carton production with Autoprint’s Checkmate 50 inspection system

Vadodara-based print-packaging specialist in Gujarat, Patwa & Sons has installed its first carton inspection system, an Autoprint Checkmate 50, which the company’s managing director, Kunal Patwa said, would enable verify 100% quality of printed carton before they set off for delivery.

06 Sep 2018 | By Noel D'Cunha

Patwa (r): “Checkmate would enable 100% carton verification”

Patwa & Sons caters to the packaging needs of pharmaceutical and engineering clients and the latest investment comes on the back of some heavy duty spends on RMGT 920 six-colour plus coater press and an Autoprint blanking machine.

Before the Checkmate 50 investment, the company used to manually inspect the cartons before they are delivered. “But using the automated machinery we are able to produce cartons which will reduce rejections, provide 100% quality printed cartons and save our time.”

According to Patwa, he did not go looking for other similar equipment on the market because he was aware of the reputation of this “tried and tested” kit.

Patwa added, “We received good feedback from the market, and one of our missions is to support the Make-in-India initiative. Making the Autoprint decision was very easy.”

Patwa & Sons has been in the printing and packaging business since 1974 and has been one of the print companies in Vadodara who has invested in new machinery.

“That’s one of the reasons we have been able to grow and build new clientele,” said Patwa.