Partners hail the significance of PrintWeek Awards

In the last 13 years, the PrintWeek Awards have come to be recognised as the leading industry event of the year. A lion’s share of this accolade belongs to our partners in the industry who have been with us since the inception of the Awards.

30 Oct 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

The PrintWeek Awards 2023 partners are Bindwel; Bobst India; Boxtech Bangalore; Canon India; Esko; Farb Technologies; Focus World Tours; Heidelberg India; Hi-Tech Inks; Indas Analytics; Kala Jyothi; NBG; Numex Blocks; Orient; Pidilite; Pratham Technologies; Sangeeta Poly Pack; SigLoch; Sona Papers; Stelda; TechNova; and Vinsak.

Pallippuram Sajith of Bindwel-Stelda Group, said, “This is an Award which is judged by the print buyers, who will not only evaluate how good the job looks, but also will seek answers like whether it will last enough, serve the end-use well, be sustainable, and so on.” 

Ajay A Nayak, CEO, Boxtech Bangalore, added, “The Awards highlights the use of customisation of products, quality raw materials, innovative techniques, special features, cost-effective solutions, sustainability and customer convenience.”

According to Datta Deshpande of Pratham Technologies, this is the only Indian award in printing and packaging which has international recognition.

Samir Patkar of Heidelberg said, “Heidelberg takes immense pride in sponsoring the PrintWeek Awards. Rooted deeply in a legacy of print ingenuity, Heidelberg has redefined the landscape of packaging printing with distinct and differentiated technologies and solutions. The Awards are in perfect alignment with our values and vision, recognises the best initiatives in printing and packaging that transcend the periphery of customer experience. We congratulate the winners and other short-listed participants of all categories.”

The USP of the PrintWeek Awards, according to Ranesh Bajaj of Vinsak, is its recognition of excellence and innovation in the packaging and printing industry. It celebrates outstanding achievements, fosters competitiveness, and promotes continuous improvement within the industry.

Parmeshwar Patidar of Indas Analytics said, “What makes the PrintWeek Award unique is its strong commitment to celebrating innovation, creative excellence, and sustainability. It acts as a unifying force, bringing together the entire printing community, and reminding us to work in responsible ways and think about the environment.”

Das Damodaran of Farb Technologies believes that PrintWeek Awards, being the biggest in its category in India, adds its contribution to increasing awareness of value-added packaging.

Amit Khurana of TechNova Imaging Systems said, “The unique selling point of the PrintWeek Awards is its rigorous focus on quality and innovation across a diverse range of categories within the industry. Recognised as the benchmark for excellence, the awards bring together the brightest talents nationwide, offering unparalleled networking opportunities and enhancing the overall standard of the industry. With categories adapted to current market challenges, such as the Green Company of the Year Award, the event remains timely and highly relevant.”

Nitin Patil of Numex Blocks said the Awards are an inspiration for the industry to work better.

Vipin Chaudhry of Hi-Tech Inks believes that an established publisher like PrintWeek follows a rigorous selection process for all the entrants and thus, the biggest USP is the recognition amongst industry peers of the work being done.

Raju Suneja of Sona Papers said, “PrintWeek Awards is a well-organised industry platform where achievements are celebrated and recognised. This also inspires others to excel in their field, knowing that such a platform not only recognises people for their hard work, it also elevates the profile of the recipients which invariably attracts more business and investments.”

According to Hemant Patel of Sangeeta Poly Pack the Awards delivers recognition, which works as a motivational factor.

Arnab Maiti of Esko said, “The USP of the Awards is its role in recognising and appreciating industry professionals for their innovative ideas. It serves as a motivating force, encouraging individuals to continue bringing fresh and creative innovations to the table.

Nitin Garg of NBG said, “As a machine manufacturer and supplier, we are proud to support these Awards. They showcase the innovative technology and solutions that empower the industry’s success, ensuring that top-quality work continues to shine. These Awards are a testament to the dedication and talent that drive the print and conversion sector forward.”

Supporting growth

C Sukumaran of Canon India said the printing industry is revolutionised with a spur in digital revolution. “Marked by the latest innovations and market transformations, the printing industry has been evolving and growing at a rapid pace. Canon India is committed to further fostering the growth of the segment through the wide range of products across commercial, production and digital printing,” he added.

Ranesh Bajaj of Vinsak said, in the last couple of years, Indian companies are going global by either setting up factories or buying existing businesses. “It is time that Indian companies became multinational rather than multinational companies coming from outside and buying companies in India. Great to see TCPL, Parksons, Uflex, SB Packaging, etc all growing at a tremendous pace,” he said.

According to Amit Khurana of TechNova Imaging Systems, the print and packaging industry's proudest achievement in recent years has been its resilience and adaptability, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“Many companies pivoted to produce essential supplies, demonstrating the sector's crucial role in society. Additionally, there's been significant progress in integrating sustainable practices and materials into mainstream operations. At TechNova, we take pride in contributing to these achievements by offering innovative, eco-friendly solutions that help our clients meet both the market's demands and sustainability goals. These milestones not only showcase the industry's capacity for innovation but also its commitment to social responsibility,” he explained.

Raju Suneja of Sona Paper believes that the capabilities of Indian print and converting are beyond questionable. “The manufacturing setup establishment of brands like Apple is the biggest testimony of industry achievement. Brands like Apple and Samsung are professional and have a stringent QC process. If the Indian print and packaging industries are meeting those standards, then it would be a moment of pride for us,” he said.

Parmeshwar Patidar of Indas Analytics said in recent years, the print and packaging industry has achieved remarkable milestones. “Firstly, we've embraced technological improvements that have revolutionised our processes, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly. Secondly, our commitment to sustainable practices has been outstanding, with a focus on eco-friendly materials and waste reduction. But what truly stands out is our collaboration on a global scale. Working hand in hand with partners worldwide, we've shared knowledge and innovative ideas, collectively shaping a more sustainable and technologically advanced future for our industry. These achievements are a testament to our dedication to progress and responsible growth,” he said.

Vipin Chaudhry of Hi-Tech Inks said, “A growing number of companies have been transitioning to sustainable and recyclable materials for packaging. This move aims to reduce the environmental impact of packaging waste. There has been a surge in innovation related to eco-friendly packaging solutions, including biodegradable materials, compostable packaging, and water-based inks. Dedicated efforts are being made to adopt the principles of a circular economy, focusing on designing packaging that can be easily recycled and reprocessed. This shift is part of a broader commitment to reduce the overall environmental impact of packaging.”

Arnab Maiti of Esko added, “The industry has been actively working to reduce its environmental impact with achievements in sustainable packaging design, recycling, and eco-friendly materials. Advancing in printing technologies with innovative packaging solutions and improved supply chain efficiency.”

According to Pallippuram Sajith of Bindwel-Stelda Group the unsung hero of our print industry is the ubiquitous textbook printer. 

He added, “They, along with our domestic paper manufacturers, consumable suppliers and machine builders, have ensured that India makes the most affordable textbooks in the world. As the largest consumer of education in the world, which is largely in the domain of government control and subsidies, the common man of our print industry ensures that he delivers the source of knowledge to our young population, in time and at affordable costs.”