Parksons Packaging inks a double Bobst foil stamping kit deal

Parksons Packaging has signed a deal for two Bobst SP 104 BM foil stamping machines, as part of its push to meet the foiling needs. The two machines will be installed a two different Parksons plants by March 2018.

08 Jan 2018 | By Noel D'Cunha

Parksons last investment in a foil stamping machine was the Bobst Speria Foilmaster 102, installed in 2007. The machine is still in operation at one of its plant in West India.

Ramesh Kejriwal, chairman of Parksons, said, “Parksons has always been at the forefront of delivering quality with the shortest time to the market, and the Bobst 104 BM offers the best combination to meet this need on the foil stamping front.”

The Bobst SP 104 BM can run at speeds of up to 7,000 sheet per hour or more, depending on the job layout and foil pull. The machine is designed for stamping foil with the platen equipped to withstand higher temperature and press over the life cycle of the machine.

Sidharth Kejriwal, managing director at Parksons, said, “The high level of Bobst service with the quality hallmark of all Bobst equipment will enhance the productivity level with accurate registration.”

Puneet Agarwal, national sales head, folding carton, Indian subcontinent, Bobst, said, “The Bobst SP 104 BM, unlike other foil stampers, is not restricted to the speed when it comes to foil stamping as a process.” He added, “The unique external foil unwinding unit with belt-unwinding for the foil reels on the 104 BM, makes the machine operator friendly, easy and quick set up with no tension adjustment required on the run, reducing the foil diameter.”

During Pamex 2017, Agarwal had informed PrintWeek India that Bobst concluded hand-shake deals for five Bobst machines – four folder-gluers, one ExpertFold and one die-cutter. The Bobst folder-gluer can process both duplex and micro-flute ply.

Agarwal now confirms that eight Bobst foil stamping machine will be added to the Indian converting market before the end of the current financial year.