Parag Shah to launch diabetes book at PrintPack

Parag Shah of Hitech Systems says he has reversed his diabetes in the past three years and has been living a healthy and happy life with the motto "Life is Sweet Again". As a result he has written about his journey and will release the book during the PrintPack show.

24 May 2022 | By Noel D'Cunha

Hitech Systems will offer the eBook at their PrintPack stall

Parag Shah told PrintWeek that "I have penned down my journey and released a book with the title: Life is Sweet Again - How I Reversed Diabetes. Shah said, "I would like to offer the eBook to everyone who visits our stall at PrintPack as a token of appreciation." His personal mission is to bring a positive change in the life of at least one lakh people.

Shah has "successfully reversed his diabetes". He said, "I was answering many people everyday about the journey and a lot of them didn't believe me. Also some of them wanted to try. Then someone suggested I write a book and I thought that was the right thing to do to let many more go for it."

Parag Shah was diagnosed with diabetes in 20212. He said, "Slowly and steadily it was becoming difficult to contain." He started to interact with more than hundred diabetes patients. And thus began his journey from 86 kgs to 73 kgs.

He followed a strict routine. He said this entailed three stages of reversal. "A belief that it can be done with absolute conviction; turning vegan and following a prescribed diet; and a set of daily not-so-difficult exercises."

Today, Parag Shah is fit and follows a weekly schedule. He said, the key is to establish a proper belief system.

When asked, who is the book’s ideal reader, he said, "A diabetic patient who is tired of consuming lots of medicine."

And finally, when probed what is the most valuable piece of advice he has been given about diabetes, he said, "Believe that it's reversible." For more, he says, please read Life is Sweet Again - How I Reversed Diabetes. Or procure your copy at Hitech's PrintPack stall.

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