Paperex 2023: Trident unveils notebooks, relaunches Enviro Copier

Trident Group, a USD 2+-billion global conglomerate exhibited the latest range of notebooks and relaunched its Enviro Copier paper in 65-gsm at Paperex 2023 held at India Expo Centre, Greater Noida on 6-9. One of the largest wheat straw-based paper manufacturers in the country, Trident Paper, enjoys a robust market share of 9-10% in the branded copier segment.

09 Dec 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Markonda Srikant, Naveet Jindal and Abhishek Gupta of Trident Group

With a continued focus on embracing a greener tomorrow, Trident revamped its copier packaging by incorporating Himalayan flowers and unveiled it at Trident Associate Meet in August 2023 bringing them closer to their brand ethos. 

Adding to this, at Paperex 2023, an array of themed notebooks, ranging from the futuristic allure of Cyberpunk to the cultural richness of Sanskriti were launched. Complementing this diverse collection, the latest notebook cover designs embody the essence of Indian culture and education to reignite interest and awareness. Additionally, the Group has also re-launched its Enviro Copier Paper in 65-gsm targeting the masses that offers stunning performance and is a real value for money.

Abhishek Gupta, CEO, strategy and marketing, Trident Group, said, “With this latest range, new packaging, and relaunch of Enviro, we are not just presenting products; we are weaving stories, capturing imaginations, and fostering relationships with the consumers. At Trident, we believe in offering more than just paper; we provide a canvas for ideas and a space for inspiration. Our notebooks are not just pages; they are gateways to boundless creativity and productivity.”

The event also saw Trident unveiling the Good Paper Warrior mascot for its paper portfolio. For the first time, in line with the brand’s philosophy, the animated character embodies the core values of sustainability and responsible manufacturing of the Group.

Trident Group annually produces about 1.75-lakh tonnne of paper using wheat straw. Currently, Trident is actively working on expanding both its capacity and product range. With the vibrant growth scene in the Indian paper industry, Trident Paper foresees a gradual and consistent upward trajectory in the paper sector. This positive trend is expected to be fuelled by factors such as India's economic growth, escalating paper consumption, and supportive government initiatives.

Trident Paper's influence extends globally, constituting 10-15% of overall sales in export markets. The primary focus lies on key markets in Africa, the Middle East, ANZ, and North America. This strategic international presence perfectly aligns with Trident's vision of actively contributing to the growth and sustainability of the global paper industry.

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