Pamex 2024: Webtech to showcase Labeltech X2 series

At Pamex 2024, Webtech will present its latest breakthrough in flexographic printing machines - the Labeltech X2 Series. This eight-colour semi-servo flexo press is making waves in the industry, setting new benchmarks with its innovative features and cutting-edge design.

04 Feb 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

Shiv Nandan Singh, director, Webtech International Machineries, said, “Webtech’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of printing technology is vividly demonstrated through the Labeltech X2 series. This flexo printing machine boasts an impressive array of features, providing unmatched precision, flexibility, and efficiency.”

At the heart of the Labeltech X2 series lies its robust structure and design. Built on a common base, this flexo press ensures stability and reliability during every printing operation. The visually stunning and ergonomic design not only enhances the machine’s aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its operational efficiency, making it a standout choice for industry professionals.

Singh said the Labeltech X2 series comes equipped with a plethora of features designed to elevate your printing experience. With eight individual touchscreen HMI controls overseeing eight printing stations in a 330-mm working width, this flexo press offers unparalleled control and customisation. The incorporation of four servo drives, eight LED UV units, and advanced features such as pneumatic reel load/unload, corona treater, web cleaner, web guide, electronic brake, turnbar, and static charger make it a versatile and powerful solution for your printing needs.

“We are thrilled to share that the Labeltech X2 series has garnered an enthusiastic response from our customers. The combination of its robust structure, innovative design, and advanced features has truly caught the eye of industry leaders and experts alike,” Singh said. 

Since April 2023, the company has booked and delivered 14 flexo presses in India and abroad. “We still have almost 2.5 months for this year to end. We are confident that this toll will rise to nearly 18-20 presses in FY 2023-24. And for the next financial year, we will launch our latest generation fully servo flexo press by March-end 2024 and our increasing dealer network we are confident to take this count to above 30 machines per year,” Singh concluded.