Pamex 2024: Sandilyam highlights barcode print quality

Bengaluru-based code quality and verification products solution provider, Sandilyam Automation Systems, showcased the Axicon 15500 verifier series. It can analyse and report on compliance on two-dimensional and linear codes.

08 Feb 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Shiva S Nagarajan, director, Sandilyam

The company’s Verifier series offers comprehensive reporting, analysis, and drill down of information to improve the quality of printed codes, be it linear or data metrics or QR and thereby enhancing the operational efficiency of the scanning in the supply chain environment.

Shiva S Nagarajan, director, Sandilyam, said, “The landscape of barcodes has transitioned from identification to traceability. Now, the focus is on ensuring seamless efficiency across any supply chain both domestic and export. This happens by ensuring meeting the well-defined ISO/IEC and GS1 standards for quality.”

He added, “At Pamex 2024, we have received a good footfall. Our motto is to help our clientele understand the significance of accurate design, encodation and print quality.” 

Sandilyam offers its specialist solutions in providing code quality verification technology backed with training and support to manufacturers across various segments, and of course, within the print and packaging converters community.