Pamex 2024: Pressman underscores importance of print excellence

Pressman showcases the scan-measurement system, SpectroDrive. The Techkon system provides precise measurement with an ISO-compliant head, technical reliability and high measurement speed.

08 Feb 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Pressman highlighted thhe scan-measurement systems, which aids in ISO-compliance

Launched on 5 October 2022, Pressman Center for Print Excellence is the new vertical of Pressman Solutions. The Chennai centre provides hands-on experience, on a five-colour Mitsubishi offset press and a programmable cutting machine, to the candidates.

The brainchild of this concept, K Panthala Selvan, founder director of Pressman, believes the programme suits candidates who wish to carry forward their family printing business.

Selvan also sheds light on the importance of spectro-densitometer, SpectroDens. An all-purpose measurement device, the tool is used for quality control in print for any application. “In a 5x5-inch area, the device can scan around 400 colour patches quickly. Also, it is a robust, metal device that carries out quick scan and measurement,” he added. “From day one, the response at Pamex is fantastic for us,” said Selvan. He seems confident about the industry adapting to print excellence.

Pressman has been conducting training programmes such as G7 expert, colour management, packaging developments, ink kitchen management, print quality evaluation programmes, consumable testing and undertaking research projects.

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