Pamex 2024: Monotech Systems celebrates half a century of bookings

Monotech Systems marked a significant milestone at Pamex 2024 by achieving an exceptional half-century of order bookings.

16 Feb 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

Tej Prakash Jain, managing director at Monotech Systems

A majority of the orders secured by Monotech Systems revolved around its digital production presses, with the Ricoh Pro C7500  11-colour digital production press taking centre stage. Renowned for its quality and versatility, the Ricoh Pro C7500 captured the attention of attendees with its advanced features and superior performance.

In addition to the Ricoh Pro C7500, two other groundbreaking showstopper products elevated the printing standards: PixelGlow and PixelFoil. 

PixelGlow, India's first digital UV and foiling system, captivated visitors with its innovative capabilities and stunning results. Meanwhile, PixelFoil showcased the company's dedication to pushing the boundaries of print technology.

According to the company, this overwhelming response at Pamex 2024 highlights a significant shift in the industry's preferences, moving beyond traditional CMYK trends towards embracing innovation and cutting-edge solutions. As print professionals and businesses seek new ways to stand out in a competitive market, Monotech Systems continues to lead the charge by delivering unmatched quality and innovation.

Tej Prakash Jain, managing director at Monotech Systems, expressed his gratitude to the attendees and reaffirmed the company's commitment to driving innovation in the printing industry. He said, “We are thrilled to have achieved such a remarkable milestone at Pamex 2024. The overwhelming response to our products underscores the industry’s growing appetite for innovation and excellence. We remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital print technology and delivering solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.”

At Pamex, Monotech Systems displayed a host of products ranging from digital printing, print enhancement, large-format printing and UV flatbed printing from its own and alliance brands.