Pamex 2024: Mital International to highlight its track and trace solution

At Pamex 2024, Mital International will showcase the enhanced version of track and trace solution for payment QR labels having unique QR codes. 

03 Feb 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

According to Rohit Mital, director, Mital International, the key additions to the track and trace solution is near real-time checking of each unique QR code against print order and among the history of millions of codes already processed to ensure uniqueness and remove tedious checking processes employed by convertors and payment gateway companies. 

The solution also delivers stacks of count-verified labels for further integration into packing systems. The key benefits to a convertor using our solution include huge savings of time on the shop floor in sorting the labels, making batches and affixing tracking labels to each pack; ensuring no duplicate labels get into the packing line and delivery; accurate reporting of labels and track and trace data as per end customer’s requirements; 100% read inspection of codes to ensure all codes are readable; and catch any errors in VDP printing of codes whether for sheets or web process.

Mital said that with the acquisition of SITMA by Tecnau, the company is looking forward to extending the gamut of packaging automation solutions for publishers, stationary converters, eCommerce and other industries.

He added, “As developers and manufacturers of profitable automation technology, we developed high-speed friction feeders with double detect for exam booklet counting, batching, and barcode inkjet printing. These are in demand for confidential printers to improve productivity while reducing issues in multi-step secure packing of exam papers.”

The company’s solutions are mostly customised for book printers. “We’re working on a few cases, which are expected to materialise around Drupa,” Mital said. 

Looking ahead, Mital sees a strong inclination from book printers, label and packing converters towards automation to reduce processing time, get measurable insights into the system, and catch issues earlier in the process.

Hall 1/ Stand B40