Pamex 2024: Fujifilm closes multiple deals of Revoria PC 1120, EC 1100 

During Pamex 2024 held in Mumbai, Fujifilm India showcased its high-tech printing technology. The company closed multiple deals for its advanced Revoria PC 1120 and EC 1100 printing solutions, indicating strong market interest in their innovations.

09 Feb 2024 | By PrintWeek Team

Priyatosh Kumar of Fujifilm India

The first two days were very busy and good in terms of business prospects. He labelled Pamex as “one of the busiest events we have had”.

There is this press which has six stations, and they provide you with the ability to do an overlay and an underlay. Some job migration usually happens from offset to digital, mainly because of short run lengths. The Revoria B2 press is aimed at print-on-demand (POD) markets.

Kumar said, “We are expecting to launch a wide range of products in the next 12 months.” Fujifilm sold its machine to a commercial printer from North Kerala. That is the trend which the company is witnessing.

The Revoria PC 1120, with a six-colour print engine, offers unrivalled expressive potential in the digital printing sector with a high speed of 120-ppm across various stocks. It ensures exceptional productivity, supports multiple finishing choices and optimises the print-to-post-press workflow. This high-definition, high-output resolution machine has become a preferred choice in the Indian photo lab community.

The Revoria EC 1100 delivers quality image resolution at faster printing speeds while supporting diverse applications and creative finishing. It enhances picture vibrancy, gradation and text sharpness with the capability of handling long and heavyweight paper.

The Superia A3 processless plates exhibit higher ink receptivity and faster development rates on press with a wider tolerance for different press conditions, ink formulations and fount solutions.