Pamex 2024: Electro Mec Machinery displays binding machines

Electro Mec Machinery displayed its binding machines at Pamex 2024.

09 Feb 2024 | By Abhay Avadhani

K Mohamed Ismail, managing director, Electro Mec Machinery Manufacturers

K Mohamed Ismail, managing director, Electro Mec Machinery Manufacturers, said, “The response has been excellent in the show. We are showcasing perfect binding machines, case binding machines and rigid box makers.”

These machines are user-friendly, and more than 10 machines are manufactured and sold in a month across 25 different states of our country. The company is also exporting to 10 countries across the globe. “The typical application areas of these machines are notebooks, textbooks, and diaries. We have closed quite several deals in this exhibition, and are likely to book more orders,” Ismail said.

Since its inception 22 years ago, Electro Mec has crossed milestones like being the country's first manufacturer of 10-clamp and three-clamp perfect binding machines, with a facility including 15 VMC machines which ensures the production capability in adhering to quality standards and delivery timelines.

The company expects to close this show with five to six crores of business. Ismail told the PrintWeek team that a younger generation is joining the company, seeing exponential growth in 2024. He said, “This is the company’s 23rd year in this industry, and we want to consolidate our expertise and go big.”