Pamex 2024: Blankwiser got wiser, says Vaidy of Suba Solution

Suba Solutions's made-in-India product Blankwiser is on display at its Pamex stand. The company claims that customers are happy with the blanking concept, and more and more customers have opted for it.

06 Feb 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

(l) V Vaidyalingam (Vaidy), director of marketing, Suba Solutions

According to V Vaidyalingam (Vaidy), director of marketing, Suba Solutions, the Blankwiser has been given unique features which give important data that will save money for the customer. “The waste that is generated is a valuable resource for every organisation. So many times, at least in the middle-level organisation, the converter does not know what’s happening with the volume. The waste collection contractor comes and picks up the waste.”

Vaidy added, “We have added a new system on the Blankwiser, which will give accurate information on the waste generated. It also gives information on carton production, such as jobs being done, the productivity of the machine, and so on.”

The Blankwiser is a high-speed stripping and blanking machine, with ease of programming and precise blanking operation, suitable for MetPET cartons, regular cartons, tags, and jobs with windows.

Vaidy said, “Currently, the only process done manually in most of the packaging plants is blanking. You have automation on the press, even post-press, but the process between die-cutting and folder-glueing,  blanking is still done offline, manually, even in large companies.”

The Blankwiser is a universal carton blanking solution, but after Suba added the new features, Vaidy said, it’s become an indispensable item for any packager. “It is IoT enabled, which means the packager can access production data and monitor production on the fly.”