Pamex 2024: AGS highlights print inspection and quality systems

Mumbai-based AGS launched a new ceramic coated doctor blade aimed to address the longevity concerns of conventional steel blades. The stall also displayed Unilux stroboscope, and Aoke DCZ70 with its eye-catching applications: an aeroplane, a jeep, a rocket and a chair constructed out of corrugated boards.

16 Feb 2024 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

Vishnu R Kamat of AGS with DCZ70 entry-level sampler for short-run packaging

Vishnu R Kamat, senior vice-president, AGS said, “The USP of the new TS doctor blade is its ceramic coating which enhances its life by 4-6 times than that of usual steel blades. This results in avoiding problems such as hickeys and lines.”

TS doctor blade

The Unilux stroboscope is a high-speed print inspection device that can be integrated into the production line. Available in different sizes, the tool can serve from narrow to wide-web gravure and flexo printing lines. These are equipped with the Smart Assist software for easy set-up  and use.

Unilux stroboscope

Launched in 2014, the DCZ70 is an entry-level sampling machine for sampling of packaging boxes. “Among the things it can do v-grooving and cut any kind of materials like duplex, corrugated, kappa, flute board, honeycomb, foam boards, offset blanket, cardboard, EPE, EVA, rubber,” says Kamat.