Pamex 2023: Venkataramana, Watthour put together spot UV machine

Hyderabad-based Venkataramana Graphics and Delhi-based Watthour Systems highlighted the VJET Shine UV 1000 spot UV machine at Pamex 2023.

29 Mar 2023 | By Aditya Ghosalkar

BV Krishna Prasad with the VJET UV 1000 at Pamex 2023

The machine has been developed jointly by Venkataramana Graphics and Watthour Systems. Both the companies are into manufacturing post-press equipment.

The machine has a simplified design for auto feeding system. It delivers the speed of 1,150 sheets per hour, can process coating thickness of 20-100 microns in a single-run.

“With this machine, you don’t need any lamination,” BV Krishna Prasad of Venkatramana Graphics said.

Prasad added, “This machine can be installed inline for foiling applications, according to customer requirements.”