Pamex 2023: Sangeeta Poly Pack circles its plastics path around recycling

Sangeeta Poly Pack, the manufacturer of plastic products and polypropylene films and sheets, has developed a new product from plastic materials that have been used and discarded by consumers and then processed and turned into new products.

28 Mar 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

Amardeep Singh Arora of Sangeeta Poly Pack at Pamex 2023

There is a demand for post-consumer recycled plastics, said Amardeep Singh Arora, managing director of Mumbai-based Sangeeta Poly Pack. “The stationery file we are showing at our stand is made out of 30% post-consumer-recycled waste.”

The PP specialist owns a manufacturing facility at Daman, which is spread over 1,00,000 sq/ft, and is equipped to handle 20,000 tons per annum.

Post-consumer recycled plastics can come from various sources, including plastic bottles, containers, packaging, and other items that are typically thrown away after use. “We collect the top or bottom cover or unprinted areas of the waste paint and oil plastic can and drums. We then make recycled plastic material that can be used to make a wide range of products, such as new plastic bottles, bags, and packaging materials,” said Arora.

While the availability is limited, more and more people are coming into this space, and as the availability of material for recycling plastics increases, we will scale up. “Our plant is geared up to produce 100% post-consumer recycled plastics to meet any further demands,” said Arora.

Using post-consumer recycled plastics is an important step towards a more sustainable future. It helps reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste, conserves natural resources, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing new plastics. 

Arora added, “We have also introduced a post-industrial recycled PP sheet, as a pilot, for one of our clients. We used 50% scrap from the industry to produce the PP sheet. At the problem, it is being tested for printability.” 

Besides producing recycled plastics, Sangeeta has also taken the initiative of collecting scrap plastics from its clients. “We buy the scrap material from our clients and recycle the waste,” Arora informed. “It’s a niche market; hence the demand is low. Also, some players want to shift to paper due to the anti-plastic noise. To those customers, we offer these options.”

Furthermore, Sangeeta is also planning to produce food-safe post-waste plastic packaging material.