Pamex 2023: Minosha showcases Ricoh prowess

Minosha India, the authorised distributor of Ricoh products in India, showcased four Ricoh kits at Pamex 2023.

29 Mar 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

The Minosha India team at Pamex 2023

DP Mahajan of Minosha said, we not only deliver a wide array of products and solutions, but also offer consistent after-sales service across the country. We are known to be a trusted provider of cutting-edge technology and services designed to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Among the products on display, the Mono 8300S is for books and magazines where there are a lot of grayscale applications. 

The Leo series with 11 colours is the second most-selling machine. Mahajan said it is beneficial for clients who need data security.

The Ricoh Pro C5300s is for small to mid-size customers who have a lot of colour-heavy projects. 

The next is a plotting and designing machine. 

Minosha has been operational in India for the past 27 years with a robust pan-India network of seven offices and over 300 business partners.

Mahajan said, “After two years of the Covid pandemic, things have started to get better. We have a hopeful year as people have started investing again.”

He added, “We have always been transparent about the lead time and keep updating our customers. This is extremely important for us as most of our supplies come from Hong Kong.”