Pamex 2023: Megabound launches Quick Box

On the first day of Pamex, Megabound inaugurated its new corrugation machine. The company claimed it is a first-of-its-kind machine that performs four-six operations on the same machine within a standard duration of 60 seconds.

27 Mar 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

Megabound launches one-stop solution for corrugation box

According to Megabound, the machine will deliver customisation related to shape, size, and many such features. This will help the budding companies to enter the industry and gain printing skills and knowledge.

While inaugurating the machine, Ravindra Joshi, president, Pamex, said “This is a new machine that has digital cutting and creasing techniques that can be applied on three-ply to seven-ply corrugated boards. The setting time is less than one minute. You can have different projects done one after the other without any hassle.” 

Srinivasa Reddy, director-marketing at Megabound, said “The industry is facing problems with short-run jobs. This machine will cut the bleed lines, the inner slitting, creasing and side dimensions. Our mission was to create a one-step solution, and this machine needs you to enter length, breadth and width and the rest of it is the machine’s efficiency.”

Rakesh Sodhi, president, IPAMA, said, “We are happy to see the innovations of Indian manufacturers in packaging and printing industries. Corrugation industry is increasing at a rapid pace and joining that pace is good with Indian machine. Ecommerce is playing a major role in corrugation demand. This machine is amazing. There is die requirement for cutting, just insert your sheet and get the box out.”