Pamex 2023: Insight introduces digital printing machine

At Pamex 2023, Insight introduced a digital press for book printing that starts with a roll and ends with a book block — the Atexco digital web press.

30 Mar 2023 | By Disha Chakraborty

Ajay Aggarwal, MD of Insight

The press comes in two sizes — 440-mm that gives two A4 sheets in a book block format and then there is 660-mm that will give three A4 sheets in a book block format. The speed of the 440 model is 50,000 and that of 660 is 75,000 A4 sheets per hour. Both sizes have mono and colour options. It can also produce 18x23 and 23x36 size forms for section sewing requirements. 

According to the specs, the machine runs on extremely low energy and since it is totally digital and roll to book block — the manpower required goes down substantially. 

“The Press is ideally suited for 20 to 2,000 book runs and will finally allow publishers to print as many short quantities as required without increasing their cost and furthermore get deliveries in less than 24 hours,” Ajay Aggarwal, MD of Insight said. 

He added: “The cost of printing educational books which have very less ink coverage is extremely low and at times even 10,000 books, can be economically printed using this digital press. We all know digital will take over from conventional printing. Now, we have actually demonstrated it.”

Aggarwal said, “Printers need to buy only three raw materials, paper, ink and glue to prepare a book, exactly what we see in the end product. Imagine the environmental savings of eliminating the purchase of all other raw materials, paper savings, and power savings.

Insight is showing a sample educational book of 168 pages, four full colour on their stands which they claim consumes less than Rs 5 of ink.