Pamex 2023: Bengaluru-based Ma Prints pick up a Duplo kit from TechNova

Ma Prints finalised the deal for the Duplo DDC 810 Foil UV machine at the TechNova Imaging Systems stand on the show's first day. The company has invested in the kit in a bid to provide the region's first foil embellishment services using the Duplo technology.

30 Mar 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

Ma Prints has always been dedicated to giving its customers easy access to the best products and services under one roof. Guru Prasad, partner at Ma Prints, said this acquisition is a significant step in that direction.

The Duplo DDC 810 Foil UV digital printing equipment combines foil and UV technology to produce the desired embellishment on a printed sheet. It can apply clear gloss and matte coatings in a single pass and print with various foils (gold, silver, holographic, and more).

Prasad is pleased that Ma Prints has become the first business in Karnataka to use the Duplo DDC 810 Foil UV machine. "With the help of this technology, we will be able to offer our customers a broader range of printing and embellishment options. The purchase demonstrates our commitment to our long-term goal of providing innovative solutions to our customers.”

Puranjit Sarangi, senior GM sales, digital imaging systems at TechNova said that the Duplo DDC 810 is capable of producing prints, whether using foil or UV ink, thanks to its registration capabilities. “The machine can also print variable data, allowing for the creation of unique designs for each printed piece.”

Sarangi added, "With this purchase, Ma Prints demonstrated their commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and excellent craftsmanship. We are excited to see this collaboration's results and expand our future collaboration.”

Besides Duplo, TechNova has on display several other technologies in the sphere of digital printing, plates, and chemicals.

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