Pamex 2020: Zhongke strikes deals for five machines

Zhongke India struck deals for at least five machines at Pamex 2020. Among them, Vadodara-based Concord Printing invested in a Wenhong 1050 SF automatic die-cutting and hot-foil stamping machine and a LC-740 automatic corner cutting and line pressing window patching machine.

10 Jan 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

(Second from right) Arshad Memon: The investments will help us to cater to the market trends

Earlier, Zhongke struck deals for dry lamination machines to Chennai-based RS Graphics and Udaipur-based Miraj Multicolour, and an automatic rigid box-making machine to Bengaluru-based Asha Sweets Center.

Arshad Memon, director, Concord Printing, said, “The Wenhong 1050 SF will be an add-on to our packaging process. The metallurgy and technology of the machine lured us to purchase it.”

The machine comprises of five foiling stations, in which post-press operations, such as embossing can be incorporated. It operates in a working speed of 7,500-sph.

Concord’s other investment, the LC-740 automatic corner cutting and line pressing window patching machine, is suitable for producing a wide range of cartons such as tissue boxes, cosmetic boxes, and milk cartons, among others. The machine adopts a belt pumping mechanism, which helps in continuous feeding operations. It boasts of a mechanical speed of 7,000-sph.

KG Sharma, director, Miraj Multicolour, said, “Our relationship with Zhongke and the optimum quality that the machine provides were the major reasons to opt for YS SR 108. The machine will enable us to have an automatic lamination process.”

Narender Garg, CEO, Asha Sweets Center said, “We have been in the business of sweet manufacturing for over 25 year. Recently, the market has become demanding in terms of packaging presentation. To cater to which, we decided to install the ZK 660F automatic rigid box making machine.”

ZK 660F helps to achieve a maximum turn in depth of up to 70mm and can adjust to any depth in the accustomed range. It boasts of a speed of 15-30 pcs/min.