Pamex 2020: Zhongke adds more deals by the end of day three

Zhongke India struck three deals at Pamex 2020 by the end of day three. The deals include a dry lamination machine to Chennai-based RS Graphics and Udaipur-based Miraj Multicolour, and an automatic rigid box making machine to Bengaluru-based Asha Sweets Center.

08 Jan 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Team Asha Sweets Center with team Zhongke India

KG Sharma, director, Miraj Multicolour, said, “Our relationship with Zhongke and the optimum quality that the machine provides were the major reasons to opt for YS SR 108. The machine will enable us to have an automatic lamination process. Through this addition, we envisage our laminating operations to speed up by 50%, which will trigger an overall rise of productivity by 10%.”

The high-speed dry laminator is incorporated with a hot knife cutter and equipped with  pneumatic tension controller. It can run paper widths from 100 to 500 gsm at a speed of 20-90 m/min.

Miraj converts over 1,800 tons at its five-lakh sq/ft facility in Udaipur. Sharma claimed that Miraj is the leading ice cream carton supplier in the country, as he caters to top brands such as Amul and Vadilal, helping him to have more than 30% market share in the manufacturing segment.

At the  begining of the third day, Zhongke announced that Bengaluru-based Asha Sweets Center invested in a ZK 660F automatic rigid box making machine.

Narender Garg, CEO, Asha Sweets Center said, “We have been in the business of sweet manufacturing for over 25 year. Recently, the market has become demanding in terms of packaging presentation. To cater to which, we decided to install the ZK 660F automatic rigid box making machine.”

(C) Sharma: The machine will boost our overall productivity by 10 per cent

ZK 660F helps to achieve a maximum turn in depth of up to 70mm and can adjust to any depth in the accustomed range. It boasts of a speed of 15-30 pcs/min.

The machine is an addition to the ZK 554WL semi-rigid box making machine and a ZK 660C machine that the company installed in September 2019, which had helped Garg to boost his sales. Asha is set to cater to its commercial packaging segments, with the help of the new installations.   

Earlier on the first day of the show, Zhongke India also announced the sale of Yongshun YS SR 108 dry lamination machine with the facility to window laminate to Chennai-based RS Graphics Printing & Packaging.

Citing the reasons for opting for the YS SR 108 dry lamination machine, VB Sridharan, managing partner at RS Graphics, said, at present his company is using a window lamination machine which is manual. "Yongshun YS SR 108 which I have opted for is automatic. We also have an automatic window lamination machine too, but cannot produce window patches on it. This machine offers us both lamination as well as window polyester in one pass."

At present RS Graphics is producing around 12,000 sheets per engaging six persons, in an eight-hour shift. “Now we will be able to produce 36,000 sheets with only three operators in the same time,” said Sridharan.

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