Pamex 2020: Tholasi books positioning machine from Ample

Bengaluru-based industrial and commercial printer Tholasi Prints has opted for a LY-485C video positioning machine, which will be supplied by New Delhi-based Ample Graphics. The deal was finalised at Pamex 2020.

07 Jan 2020 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Team Tholasi Prints with Ample Graphics

Varun, Gautam and Vivek Tholasi are at the helm of the Bengaluru-based firm. According to Varun, the company opted for the LY-412 because of the machine’s quality and the service provided by Ample Graphics. “We visited China and saw how the machine was being manufactured and the quality it provides. We observed that the video positioning system has high accuracy,” he said.

The visual positioning machine comprises of a servo driven conveyor belt to facilitate feeding and gluing operations. The range of applications that can be produced through the machine include watch boxes, cigarette boxes, phone boxes, and cosmetic boxes, among others.

The machine boasts of a production rate of 25 to 35 pieces/min. In addition, it has a 50-kg glue tank capacity and provides an approximately 0.05-mm positioning accuracy.

Vivek Tholasi, director at Tholasi Prints, said, “We have been in the industrial and commercial business for 40 years now. And we thought it's time that we diversify into packaging. I believe this decision just required a change of mindset.”

According to Vivek, Tholasi’s expertise in the industrial printing space, its infrastructure, and the manner in which it produced jobs will help the company adhere to its new packaging vertical.

He added, “We wish to add rigid box packaging to our production. I believe the commercial jobs that we dealt with earlier, required a lot of rigour, which has improved our capabilities to cater to packaging. In addition, our printing quality and consumer-centric approach will help us grow in this segment.”

Gautam said, “We offer an extended colour gamut that helps us to print 30-40% additional colours. This will be a certain advantage for us while catering to a packaging clientele.”

The industrial printing specialists claimed that LY-412 is a precursor for them to move into the packaging space. It will be adding up to its existing capacity soon, with the inclusion of a new press, and numerous post-press equipment that facilitate finishing operations.