Pamex 2020: Indus Analytics introduces print software solutions

Indore-based Indus Analytics introduced three new software solutions for printers at the Pamex show held at Bombay Exhibition centre in Mumbai.

09 Jan 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

Parmeshwar Patidar, managing director at Indus Analytics

Parmeshwar Patidar, managing director at Indus Analytics, told PrintWeek that the company is planning to launch three new products such as Indus InPrint app for small printers, Indus Core with new features, and Indus Print Cloud for microservices.

Speaking about the USP of the products, Patidar said, “These are very simple, easy to use, and cost effective apps. Anyone can start these apps from our cloud.”

Patidar said the Indus Print Cloud is a complete cloud solution for printers to provide their customers to access services such as feedback system, job status updates, and complaint management systems.

The InPrint app provides basic services and starts from Rs 10,000, which the small printers can easily invest in. “The app is cost effective and highly AI-based app for estimation and job planning,” Patidar said.

“InPrint is our core ERP. Customer can gradually upgrade the versions for availing different features according to their needs,” he added.

Speaking about Indus’ future plans, Patidar explained, “We are planning to introduce AI with machine learning with multiple algorithms for estimation, job scheduling, and production data capturing using various data collection techniques. We are also planning to introduce process excellence, where the software can predict the condition of press and suggest optimal process to improve the efficiency of the press.”

He said the firm would be introducing IoT-enabled features in its products by next year.

Speaking about the show, Patidar said, “Pamex is a much bigger exhibition, and people are searching for new technologies at the show. Here, the approach is different. Customers are genuinely interested in adopting new technologies.

He also said that several customers had visited their stall during the exhibition and people have shown genuine interest to learn more about ERP. “This is the first time we are at Pamex and it was a good experience for us. We have received several enquiries.”