Pamex 2020: Citi Digital Press picks up Scodix Ultra Pro with foil

Patparganj, New Delhi-based photo-album specialists Citi Digital Press has signed a deal with Monotech by which the existing four-year-old Scodix S75 will be replaced with the advanced Scodix Ultra Pro with Foil.

08 Jan 2020 | By Noel D'Cunha

According to Rajiv Bindra, managing director at Citi Digital, the company operates from the bustling commercial print hub, Patparganj, with huge scope for expanding his business, a reason why he decided to upgrade to Scodix Ultra Pro. The company is presently equipped with a Scodix S75, which will be replaced with the higher Scodix model.

Bindra said, “The Scodix S75 has been delivering quality products for us, and since it is coming from the same platform, the Ultra Pro too will have no issues with quality. The added features of Scodix like foiling will give us the opportunity to serve the commercial print market, and room to grow.”

The company will extend embellishing service to printers in and around Patparganj as well as Delhi and NCR regions.

Citi Digital Press is equipped with two HP Indigo presses, and the new kit will up its embellishment quotient. “With the new Scodix, we expect to do around 10,000 sheets per day, thereby upping our productivity many folds,” he said.