Pamex 2020: Book a Komori and get a ticket to Drupa 2020

Komori is coming to Pamex 2020 with the special opportunity to take printers to visit Drupa 2020 where they can learn and understand new technologies and strategise their future investment and business plans on how to move ahead.

02 Jan 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Sangam Khanna, deputy managing director, Komori India, said, “Komori believes by providing such an opportunity that the customers can see the Komori technological advantage in the ever-transforming graphic arts industry. I think that the slowdown has bottomed and good days are around the corner and customers will be able to appreciate the value Komori adds to their customers' bottom line.”

Komori India is extending the corporate theme of ‘Innovate to Create’ to introduce a new wide range of products and solutions that answer current challenges, support business innovation and deliver on the promise of a profitable future.

The theme addresses well with the current economic slowdown as reported by various publication houses and some verticals of the industry. This is a small step from Komori to encourage customers who believe in Komori technologies and book a machine in Pamex for installation in the financial year 2020. With over 48% market share in India, Komori is coming to Pamex 2020 with the special offers on its bestselling presses Enthrone and Lithrone.

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