Pamex 2020: Autoprint launches Checkmate 25 for small pharma packs

Autoprint unveiled a smaller version of its successful Checkmate 50 at Pamex 2020 held between 6 and 9 January 2020 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. Showcasing the Checkmate 25 at the show, the company claimed that the new carton inspection system has been designed to address cartons which are less than 250-mm in size.

06 Jan 2020 | By Noel D'Cunha

Ashok (l): 40 Checkmate 50 print inspection systems are installed in India and away

According to CN Ashok, managing director of Autoprint, the company has installed 40 Checkmate 50 print inspection systems in India and abroad. “We think Checkmate 50 has inspected nearly five-billion mono cartons in India annually. An extensive research after the successful installations of these machines, brought to light the fact that 90% of jobs belong to the pharmaceutical industry of India and is less than 250-mm in size.”

He added, “Checkmate 25 addresses this issue.”

The Checkmate 25 is fitted with three cameras, two on the top, one at the bottom, and accepts a maximum carton size of 25x300-mm length and minimum of 80x80-mm, and can run at a maximum speed of 250-m/min.

Like the Checkmate 50, the new machine will compare cartons to be inspected with master cartons, as per standards set by the customer. It will then segregates good and rejected cartons based on results given by the inspection system.

Autoprint will target the existing as well as new customers with the Checkmate 25. Besides, it is becoming a norm for prints on the mono carton to be inspected with automated systems, as they help increase quality, reduce rejection and saves time, material and improve on-time delivery.

Ashok said, “We have found that the existing users of Checkmate 50 have been growing rapidly as they have mastered automatic inspection in their respective units. All the printed materials from these units are now 100% inspected using the Checkmate 50. The new Checkmate 25 will be an ideal addition for these customers to ease out the inspection of the pharma jobs which run into large volumes.”