Palippuram Sajith of Impel Services reveals Bindwel’s Drupa plans

Bindwel’s theme for Drupa is “Spectrum of Innovation—creating the future of bookbinding.” To accompany this theme, Bindwel will demonstrate three machines.

30 Apr 2024 | By Anhata Rooprai

Palippuram Sajith, MD, Impel Services

Speaking to PrintWeek, Palippuram Sajith, managing director of Impel Services, a Bindwel Group company, said, “We will be showing the concepts and products for the first time at Drupa 2024.”

Sajith shared the details of the three machines. The first is the Bindwel Insta.

The Insta can capture job information from the workflow and prepare to switch from one job to another quickly. The Insta can also read QR codes and set the machine using a book measurement device. The cover's integrity with the book block is maintained, and the wrong covers are removed. Trimming options are available for covers with extra width.

As Sajith pointed out, the Bindwel Insta is the answer to books on demand. “With the ability to produce 1,000 books an hour, and each book being unique, it's a game-changer in the industry. This unique selling point opens up a world of possibilities for bookbinding, offering unprecedented flexibility and speed,” Sajith said.

According to Sajith, the second machine, Bindwel Ekam, mimics the production philosophy of the FMCG arena by showcasing a system designed for a specific yet popular standard range of book formats. “The Ekam promises to drive down machine complexity while enhancing automation, optimise space requirements by 50%, optimise machine parts by 15%, and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. All of this leads to more productivity at much lesser costs,” he said, adding, “Textbooks usually printed using web offset machines can be most efficiently bound using this machine.”

Bindline Freedom 5K: Long runs and quick turnarounds.

Between the two, there will be the Bindwel Freedom on the company’s Drupa stand, which Sajith said provides extreme flexibility for on-demand, short, or medium runs with a wide range of formats. “This solution can handle it all: a pocket diary or a landscaped brochure,” said Sajith.

For example, the Freedom 2K and Freedom 5K models of perfect binders provide extreme flexibility and can change from one format to another in less than a minute. Additionally, it can be connected to gatherers, book block feeders, and trimmers inline to provide a complete binding solution.

Sajith explained, “The Freedom 2K mini-Bindlines are ideal for producing short runs of five to medium runs of 5,000 copies. On the other hand, the Freedom 5K centred-bindings can stretch to very long runs while still providing quick turnarounds.”