Pack-Smart's window affixing system

Canada-based Pack-Smart, which specialises in industrial automation, has introduced its integrated window affixing machine WA-800 to the Indian market.

09 Jan 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

WA-800: Accuracy of +/- 0.65mm and OEE of 90%

The WA-800 can affix windows to virtually any carton product available, said Derek Dlugosh-Ostap, CEO, Pack-Smart. “This machine is specially engineered to affix heavy gauge substrates of pre-cut, pre-creased and shaped PVC, PET, PLA, polystyrene and other materials to carton blanks.”

The WA-800 is targeted at manufacturers of small cosmetic cartons to large luxury liquor boxes and claims to deliver high visibility packaging at low per-unit costs and at speeds of up to 25,000 products per hour per stream.

According to Dlugosh-Ostap, the company’s focus is on modularity, rapid implementation, and use of advanced control techniques. 

“The WA-800 systems do more than just window affixing, because of modular system approach, they are ideally suited to simultaneously carry out other in-line processes such as folding and gluing, creasing, tipping, braille embossing, inspection and digital imaging.”

Furthermore, it comes with different choices of delivery options or bridging modules for integration with almost any folder-gluer. The window affixing models are configured for one or three stream processes. The system features accuracy of +/- 0.65mm and overall equipment efficiency of 90%,” concluded Dlugosh-Ostap.