PackPlus 2018: Baldwin launches Autotron 3600

Baldwin Vision Systems, the market leader in automated colour management, register control, and inspection technology launched its next-generation register system Autotron 3600 on the first day of PackPlus 2018 on 25 July in New Delhi.

27 Jul 2018 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

Autotron 3600 builds on the highly-robust, industry-renowned Autotron 2600 with ClearLogic and enables packaging converters offer increased quality with greater sensitivity and control over register errors. In addition, the Autotron 3600 has been designed as a ‘plug and play’ system, requiring minimal installation time and operator training. The modernised system ensures a seamless transition for printers looking to benefit from the latest in print register technology.

Making its industry debut in India, the Autotron 3600 is set to address the demands of Baldwin Vision Systems’ current and prospective customers in one of the largest and fastest-growing packaging markets in the world.

“Many customers in India have installed our Autotron 2600 with ClearLogic. The architecture of this product has proven to be extremely reliable and robust, providing the quality, accuracy and waste savings these customers required for over 20 years,” Hemant Desai, general manager, Baldwin Vision Systems India, said.

“As such, we will continue to support and sell Autotron 2600. However, we recognised the need to offer another product tier, and to add a number of developments that would future-proof our customers’ investment. These include higher sensitivity with the new fibre optic colour sensor, enabling users to read any type of mark or colour variation with increased accuracy, and automated light intensity to better manage inspection of challenging substrates, such as metallics. The new scanning technology also enhances performance and enables the operator to react faster to register errors or any changes on the press. These latest developments combined with simplified installation ensure the Autotron 3600 will help our customers deliver even higher quality packaging, and maintain their competitive edge,” he added.

As a new business unit formed by Baldwin Technology Company, Baldwin Vision Systems strategically combines the businesses and technology of QuadTech, PC Industries, and Web Printing Controls to form the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio available for print process automation, inspection, and related services. With an aim to create a new “print technology powerhouse,” Baldwin Vision Systems offers complete software and hardware solutions, and the ability to connect data throughout the overall process and workflow with automated tools for pre-press, press, and post-press.

Isaam Lutfiyya, Baldwin Vision Systems’ director of global sales & marketing, said, “This combined expertise and collection of resources is unique to Baldwin Vision Systems and provides an additional benefit to those looking to install the Autotron 3600. The option to tie in data and products from one leading supplier maximises our customers’ investment and provides a more streamlined, coherent solution to meet the demand for accuracy and increased quality control within the shortest possible timeframe.”

Lutfiyya added, “The launch of Autotron 3600 in India is the first significant phase in our sales strategy for this product. We intend to announce worldwide availability of Autotron 3600 later this year and introduce further enhancements over the next three years. This approach forms part of our ambitious, long-term plan to bring the latest in register control innovations to the global packaging market, ensuring we continue to support our valued customer base and maintain our position as industry leaders for the foreseeable future.”