Packaging primers market expected to grow at CAGR of 4.8% by 2030

The global packaging primers market is expected to register a growth at CAGR of 4.8% over the forecast period 2021 to 2030. Packaging primers add superior dimensional stability and better surface for high-end printing in the films and paper, thereby increasing consumption at the global level. This has resulted in the significant demand for packaging primers globally.

04 Sep 2021 | By WhatPackaging? Team

The packaging primers market is anticipated to be driven by remarkable consumption and production growth, resulting from the rapid retail and eCommerce development across various regions of the globe.

Packaging primers are water-based, solvent-based, or wax and poly coatings that are generally used to maximise the efficiency of high-end printing, provide slip control, anti-blocking, moisture resistance, and release. Solvent-based and poly coatings offer consistent high quality print finishes as well as provides protection for a wide range of applications. Manufacturers of packaging primer solutions nearly serve every end use in food, beverage, cosmetic and personal care, and pharmaceuticals industries, among others.

The Covid-19 pandemic is likely to add economic challenges for the manufacturers of packaging primers across various regions. In spite of massive demand for various types of coatings for packaging converting, manufacturers are facing numerous challenges in terms of limited work capitals, disrupted product supply chain, and now emerging second wave of the pandemic in 2021. However, the aluminum can coatings sector continues to be a vital business, predominantly for the food and beverage products. The detailed inspection of the market found that even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for metal packaging had grown at a consistent rate, although at a lower level than all other packaging. The lockdown in North America and European countries caused a rise in the demand for food cans, as customers stock up on tinned foods products. The demand for beverage cans has also increased as drinkers move away from bars and pubs and into socially isolated home drinking. This has likely to add some new opportunities for the market players.

Over the years, packaging primers are finding their consumption in many end-use sectors, including pharmaceutical, food and beverages, consumer durables electronic goods, cosmetics and personal care, and automotive and allied products packaging. The reasons that aid the penetration of the product in the market are its prominent features such as better surface for ink adhesion, while printing, high-end finish — gloss, matte or satin, excellent moisture resistant properties, and others. Customised packaging has appeared as an ultimate selection across various end-use sectors in the goods packaging industry. Brand owners are looking to pull in buyers by posing items placed on a luxurious and glossy print finishes, and packaging coatings are noticed as a technique for attaining this.

Companies in the packaging primers market are innovating in water-based coatings. Aqua Based Technologies, a manufacturer of environmentally safe water-based coatings and primers is acquiring recognition for its top performing extrusion laminating primers such as Aquaforte 108W and Polaqua 710. Manufacturers are increasing the availability for primers that are compatible with the aluminum foil. They are boosting R&D efforts to increase the bond strength of lamination primers that adhere to films and metals with only small application quantities.

Water-based extrusion lamination primers are being developed to be used for PE & PP films, foil and paper, and other accepting substrates. Stakeholders in the packaging primers market are increasing the application of these primers for the ever-increasing flexible packaging industry.

Permanent metallisation applications have fueled the demand for packaging primers. Chemline, an Indian manufacturer of premium adhesives and coatings is expanding its product portfolio in primer coatings meant for PET and paper for permanent metallisation. Manufacturers in the packaging primers market are producing primer coatings that enable MET-PET (metalised polyester) films to print UV (ultraviolet) ink over its surface.

Innovations in print-primers for aluminum yogurt lidding for heat and chemical resistance are contributing to the growth of the packaging primers market. Companies are experimenting with numerous additives to improve the print quality of primers. Michelman is gaining popularity for developing multi-functional coatings that are replacing unrecyclable, complex, and costly multi-layer structures.

In terms of primer, solvent-based coatings remain prominent segment in the global market. The segment is estimated to hold around 3/5th of the market share during the forecast period.

Film, aluminum, and paper converters are top end users of packaging primers. Solvent-based and poly coatings play important in the converting stages in order to maintain end-use application requirements such as attractive package look, high product finish, preserving barrier properties, and others. The segment is anticipated to hold 42% of the market share by the end of 2021.

Asia Pacific is expected to account for around 35.4% of the global market value share by 2030, and is projected to witness substantial growth during the forecast period. The region has high penetration of solvent-based coatings and is projected to clock a CAGR of 6.8% during the forecast period.

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