Packaging industry bemoans the demise of PV Narayanan

Former director at Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) and chairman, SIES School of Packaging (SOP), PV Narayanan is no more. He passed away due to Covid-19 on 28 June 2020. His wife has tested positive and has been quarantined.

29 Jun 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

Narayanan passed away due to Covid-19 on 28 June 2020

Narayanan joined IIP in 1967 and went on to become its director in 1992-93. Later, after spending more than 30 years at IIP, he became one of the founding members of SIES SOP in 2001. He helmed SIES SOP and was instrumental in building a robust packaging platform.

Narayanan is renowned as a mentor and a visionary who had a vital contribution in transforming the Indian packaging landscape.

In Memoriam – PV Narayanan

AVPS Chakravarthi, global ambassador, World Packaging Organisation

His contributions will keep motivating the packaging world forever

India and the whole of the packing world have lost a major long-time profile and contributor. PV Narayanan was a great packaging personality and a personal friend.

I met him in 1995 in Hyderabad when he was the director of the Indian Institute of Packaging. He came across as a great taskmaster and a packaging passionate.

SIES SOP has lost a visionary and its founding member. I am sure Narayanan sir’s contributions will keep motivating the packaging world forever.

Ainain Shahidi, director of SIES School of Packaging

SIES SOP owes everything to him

He was my mentor and I am feeling the same grieve as when my father passed away three years ago.

I had known him since 1986 when I joined the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) as a student. A very simple, down to earth human being committed to the packaging world since he joined IIP in 1967. Packaging was his true passion. He loved this profession the most, after his family. In fact, SIES SOP owes everything to him as he was the force behind the establishment.

I have taken uncountable suggestions from him during my corporate career and I was fortunate to work under his guidance and mentorship at SIES SOP.

The packaging fraternity, which is indebted to his contribution in this realm, has lost the father of packaging.

BK Karna, director, Packaging Clinic and Research Institute

We have lost the person who uplifted the Indian packaging industry

He was a master of packaging science. I was fortunate enough to be associated with him as a student, colleague and thereafter as a disciplined follower in his packaging journey.

We have lost the person who had uplifted the Indian packaging industry in more ways than one. He paved the way for the need to establish several packaging institutions in India with SIES SOP and IIP leading by example.

 I recollect two of his guidelines ­– read about packaging standards both national and International and write packaging articles. These tips became my life’s mantra.

Long live packaging science. Long live PVN sir...

Prasad Balan Iyer, HOD of printing and packaging technology, SIES Graduate School of Technology

I haven't seen anyone like him tirelessly working even at the age of 79

His contribution to the packaging field in India and abroad is invaluable PVN sir as we called him was a fatherly figure, a thorough professional. I haven't seen anyone like him tirelessly working even at the age of 79.

I may even go on to say that we have lost the father of packaging fraternity in India. His contribution to the packaging field in India and abroad is invaluable.

Rajiv Dhar, senior adviser at ITC WTO

He was a perfectionist with the passion and dedication to excel

It was my honour and good fortune to meet him for the first time on 03 March 2001 at 1100 h while taking over the charge of IIP from him. Soon after, a great challenge was awaiting me when IIP was declared to be in ICU by none other than Dr Srikant of SP Jain Management Institute in his audit report. I realised the huge impact that PVN had created on IIP personnel and the packaging fraternity including WPO and APF during his more than 30 years of career.

I must admit that for quite some I had to face a difficult time in IIP but I chose to keep PVN close to me in my thoughts and actions. I was encouraged to work harder and reach bigger goals while focusing on new skills.

Certainly, PVN was not my friend but he will remain one of my best teachers. He was an awesome perfectionist. His passion, dedication and pursuit for excellence in whatever he did, especially in the field of packaging, will always be remembered.

I pay my tribute to his soul. May God give lots of courage and will to his wife and daughter in this situation.

PVN I silently admired you. RIP.

S Venkatasubramanian, packaging consultant

The packaging fraternity in the world has lost one of its greatest leaders

He was the additional director at IIP, Mumbai, when I started my packaging journey in the first batch for postgraduate (PG) students in 1985.

He was easily approachable and ever enthusiastic about developing the scope of packaging education in India through the PG programme. He was also very helpful and ensured that all the PG students were placed in good companies. He even offered placements in IIP regional centres.

His packaging knowledge is tremendous and expansive - could talk about packaging materials, machines, systems, endlessly. His industry networking skill was exemplary which ensured steady jobs for the PG students.

The packaging fraternity in the world has lost one of its greatest leaders. I pray that he gets eternal rest in Lord's feet.

The packaging industry has lost a doyen

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