Our products are our confidence: Balaji Rajagopalan of Minosha India

The new entity, Minosha India, came up after Ricoh India went insolvent. Balaji Rajagopalan, chief executive officer, core business, Minosha India, explains the company’s commitment to its existing Ricoh customers and its future plans.

25 Dec 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Balaji Rajagopalan, chief executive officer, core business, Minosha India

Tell us about Minosha India.

The Insolvency Resolution Plan for Ricoh India has been approved by the NCLT vide its Order dated 28 November 2019. Ricoh India will be now called Minosha India (formerly Ricoh India) and will continue as a ‘Ricoh partner’ and will strive to work towards building the brand and serve our customers to provide the best-in-class service.

Please let us know about your role in Minosha India.

I am the chief executive officer of the core business at Minosha India (formerly Ricoh India).  I am responsible for the operation pertaining to the CORE products business. Our lineup includes digital multi-function printers (MFPs), laser printer, production printers and systems, digital duplicators and software.

What kind of challenges have you faced/facing due to the Ricoh development?

The first thing I want to clarify is that we have received total support from the principal for the India operation during the challenging times to serve all our existing customers in the market by making continuous availability of consumables and spares. Practically, no customers suffered due to this. We appreciate the confidence shown to us by both our multifunction and production printers customers. In the first few months of my joining, I have received many customer appreciation letters.

How will you re-establish the confidence and market presence of Ricoh in India? 

Our products, which are already with customers, are our confidence. Due to the new product availability challenge in the past, some of our customers continued to use our machines beyond the rated machine life, and we provided full support by servicing the same. This clearly demonstrated how good and robust Ricoh engines are. Due to this, customers have full faith and confidence in Ricoh products and services. Now, Minosha India will continue by providing innovative products and excellent services to the customers and we will continue to grow from the current base.

What is the feedback from the market?

The feedback is very positive; because of our strong service delivery index in the market. Our partners are also our strength to expand the market. Like our existing customers, they also continued their relationships with Ricoh and its products because of its high brand recall in the market place. Overall, there is a positive message for Minosha India because it is a new organisation with strong support from professional and dedicated management.

How do you approach existing customers and what are the plans for new customers?

We are always working with our existing customers even in tough times with great support. Now, we will get back to those customers who even though wanted to buy Ricoh engine could not do due to the non-availability of new machines. We still have a good customer base and a good track record for repeat business. We have committed excellence in customer services and will address our customers’ end-to-end needs in printing and document solution space.

What about new launches?

Very soon. We are planning to launch new products for our customers with new USPs.

What is the impact of Covid-19 on your business?

It has affected practically all industries across the globe. It impacted the printing industry a little more and we are at a similar level of business as the rest. But in many ways, this challenge also gives us new work-ways and time to recalibrate ourselves beyond nonstop action.

Minosha India has hired the entire existing Ricoh India team…

Yes, our talents are our assets. We made changes based on our new ‘go to market’ approach to bring in efficiency and effectiveness to the business. Practically most of the frontline and backoffice teams continue to work in the new organisation.

Your message to the customers and the industry.

Business and Covid will have to coexist for some time. Fear of the unknown in the mind will only make things difficult. We need to be very positive and take all precautions to restart the business and serve the customers. Use technology to the maximum to connect in the market place. We request all our customers to follow the government’s Covid-19 directives and stay safe and healthy.  The time shall pass and it will only make us stronger and better.