Option Print gets Canon ImagePress

Mumbai-based Option Print has recently invested in a Canon ImagePress C1001VP. The machine has been running on the company shopfloor since March 2023.

12 May 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

The Option Print family with the Canon ImagePress

Pravin Gothi of Option Print said the company chose Canon over the other brands due to its excellent print quality of ImagePress C1001VP and its support from the service team.

“We have put our trust in Canon ImagePress brand and we are confident that its consistent image quality will keep the standards of our printing products higher in the market,” Gothi said.

Established in 2018, Option Print caters to B2C customers with a print volume of 1.5 lakh every month. 

Besides the Canon ImagePress C10010VP, the company shopfloor houses a fleet of machines, including Konica Minolta 3070 and 2070, two Mimaki eco-solvent machines, and the complete post-press setup, including lamination, cutting, half-cutting, bookbinders, and so on.

The Canon ImagePress 10010VP Series prides itself on offering a range of distinctive and vital technologies that help drive productivity, versatility, and high image quality with standard features, such high impact colour with 2,400x2,400-dpi print resolution; production speeds of up to 100 A4 impressions per minute and 450,000 per month; media handling options up to 400-gsm and various specialty media including synthetics and textures; colour calibration and real-time adjustment for consistent colours; and Fiery-based ImagePress B6000 V2 colour server for ICC-based colour management, built-in imposition and composition tool, various automation tool and variable data printing.