OPA’s ocean of knowledge for printers

To help the industry learn and benefit during the difficult times of the lockdown, Offset Printers’ Association (OPA) utilised the expertise of its team to educate printers through a series of daily webinars and other activities. During the entire period, OPA organised 27 webinars and seven web meetings, besides the regular executive and general board meetings. The association invited 106 expert panellists to present their views on various topics pertaining to the challenges within the industry.

22 Jul 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

Prof Kamal Chopra

Some of the topics covered include printing industry after Covid-19; current scenario and scope for growth of Indian printing industry; women entrepreneurs and lockdown challenges; care of plant machinery and materials during lockdown; financial management and MSME schemes; redefining current print business models; digital marketing; challenges of young print entrepreneurs and opportunities in digital label and packaging.

The OPA webinars were attended by 5,958 printers, out of which 3,270 were the first-time attendees.

“We received a lot of appreciation for organising these knowledge-sharing webinars. The team has put in a lot of efforts, with special mention to Prof (Dr) Anjan Kumar Baral, Prof (Dr) TKS Lakshmi Priya and Prof Madhura P Mahajan. The topics were chosen meticulously. We are grateful to the panel members who spared time and shared their expertise,” said Prof Kamal Chopra, general secretary, OPA.

The recording for many of these webinars is now available at the association’s YouTube channel.