OMG! Now sugarcane juice in recyclable glass bottles

If you thought sugarcane juices are just summer delicacies and you can find them only on the roadside, the reality is about to change. A young Delhi-based company focused on natural beverages, Nutricane Beverages, has now introduced bottled sugarcane juice, which the company calls OMG! (Oh My Ganna).

27 Nov 2017 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

According to Sachin Goel, director and co-founder, Nutricane, the beverage comes with a non-refrigerated shelf life, and has the same taste and nutritional values as fresh sugarcane juice without adding any chemical preservatives. Available in 250ml recyclable glass bottle at Rs 40, OMG! has hit the market in two avatars — OMG! Cumin Crush, sugarcane juice with cumin flavour and OMG! Ginger Groove, sugarcane juice with ginger flavour.

“We were surprised that none of the established or start up players in the juice category had ever managed packaging sugarcane juice with an extended non-refrigerated shelf life ready-to-consume drink. Taking up the challenge, we decided to explore the opportunity,” Goel said.

Dipin Kapur, director and co-founder, Nutricane, added, “We wanted to deliver our nostalgic memories of sugarcane juice in an innovative form while keeping the essence intact. Our proprietary technology has enabled us to bottle all the benefits and goodness of the juice and serve it at an affordable price, without any chemical preservatives or added sugar.”

On its potential in global markets, another co-founder and director of the company, Neeraj Jalan, said, “In its endeavour to innovate and create healthy nutritious products, Nutricane is changing the status quo by creating a new product category with sugarcane and taking it to the entire world. We intend to take this indigenously developed and packaged sugarcane juice to key global markets by next year.”