Omet TV episode on hybrid printing for labels

“Being innovative is the key driver. It’s essential to find technological and innovative solutions able to properly face the market fragmentation in a flexible way. Digitalisation is one of the first answers that all the different companies in our industry are trying to approach in order to improve their own position,” said Guido Iannone, president M&A of All4Labels, a global packaging group) in the first episode of Omet TV, dedicated to hybrid flexo + digital printing for labels.

25 Jun 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Armando Garosci, director of Largo Consumo magazine and Guido Iannone, president, sales M&A of All4Labels

The episode, published on Omet social channels, addressed some current issues for the printing market: digitisation, sustainability, internationalisation.

The web series was conceived by Omet and was led by Armando Garosci, editor in chief of the Largo Consumo magazine. The first episode focused on hybrid flexo + digital printing for labels, with the welcome presence of Guido Iannone.

“Digitalisation in printing processes has been a visible and clear trend for over 20 years,” Iannone said. “All4Labels invested primarily in the electrographic technology and then kept enlarging in the last 10 years with inkjet and hybrid solutions, which in my opinion is a fair compromise by combining all the advantages of digital to the conventional technology.”

The discussion was about technology, production processes, but also about the role of people in this new industrial dimension brought by digitalisation.

Personally, I am very much in favor of what many call “digital humanism", a process in which innovation must be put at mankind's service. Therefore, digitalisation and innovation become the means but not the end,” Iannone added.

Each episode of Omet TV, broadcasted every two weeks, focuses on a specific theme.

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